Buzzword-compliant… but empty

Excerpts from an AP article on the semantic blight of high-tech – buzzwords.

“…If Tim Schellhardt had one wish, it would be to eradicate the word “solution” from the technology industry, if not the entire English language.

“Solution” used to be a fine word. If you had a problem, you needed a solution.

“But now, “It’s used so much in the tech industry that it’s lost its meaning,” laments Schellhardt, the director of editorial services for the public relations firm Ketchum in New York.

“These days, high-tech companies don’t release products, they provide ‘solutions’…   And those products — er, solutions — don’t just run a program or play a song. Instead, they enable experiences, optimize agility or even sometimes make people’s passions come alive…”

“Paul is still hoping to eradicate the word “scalable,” which is fancy tech talk for something that can get bigger.

“My son is scalable, he’s got built-in room to grow,” he quips […]

“I don’t see the buzzword craze stopping,” says Brett Good, an executive with staffing firm Robert Half International, whose Accountemps unit recently did a study on annoying buzzwords. “In some ways, it’s almost becoming filler, like ‘um’ or ‘ah.’ … It’s something that’s just been built into the lexicon of American business.”

Read the full article on the USA Today website.