Etiquette tips for LinkedIn

Another great Dave Taylor article on how to use LinkedIn to maximum advantage…

“…If we’ve learned that it’s important to be polite when using email, it’s even truer in the social networking sphere. Here are ten tips for establishing yourself as a well-mannered online networker, when using LinkedIn:

1) Create a user-friendly profile.

2) Invite true friends – or at least, true acquaintances – to connect.

3) When you make a request, be clear about your intentions.

4) Reciprocity is a wonderful thing, and gratitude is key.   

5) Pass along requests promptly, or say why you won’t.

6) Avoid the boilerplate text, if you can.

7) Don’t abuse your network.

8) Don’t invent history to acquire colleagues.

9) Play by the rules.

10) Value relationships over transactions.

Read the full article. It’s full of wisdom, empathy and common decency.