Get reporters to write about you at a busy trade show

Here’s a MarketingSherpa article that answers a common trade show question: “Do tchotchkes really work?” (Answer: No. Reporters are ethically prohibited from accepting them. But make sure you invite them to your suite and have plenty of steam table shrimp on hand… That’s a different matter entirely.)

How to Get Reporters to Write About You at a Busy Trade Show

“Want to become famous with the press at the busiest trade shows of the year? Discover five practical steps on getting face time with the top industry reporters.   

“Should you drop off a pile of news releases in the press room? Should you spend tens of thousands on a blow-out party so everyone’s writing about your company? What about scheduling CEO interviews?

“Here are six steps on how to improve your chances of getting quoted…”

“…Meeting a reporter at a show is about building a personal relationship. You need to treat them like your top client (because in reality, the extra press coverage could bring in that much and more). You also need to feed their ego. Make sure you’ve read at least one article by every reporter you’re pitching […]

“Instead of a breakfast meeting, how about a guaranteed no-longer-than-10-minute meeting to plant the seed that you have an exclusive story for their publication and a client ready to talk (and make sure that client will talk). Don’t just hand over the same media kit you give everyone else. Include a special note with these details, plus a few sentences explaining what the product/solution does IN PLAIN ENGLISH — no PR-speak, no gobbledygook…”

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