Biz networking, LinkedIn-style

Business 2.0 magazine’s December issue has an excellent article on LinkedIn that does a good job of explaining the basic value proposition of this smoking hot online service.

Not surprisingly, the article focuses heavily on the Silicon Valley power users that have made LI what it is today — a rapidly growing, highly focused tool for business networking.

And what a great business networking tool for shut-ins, the shy types (like me) and the geographically dispersed!   


“LinkedIn is a three-year-old service that takes your personal business network online. People don’t use it to discover new bands or track down a date – there’s nothing social about this network.

“LinkedIn is all about business: recruiting, sales, investment. It’s not exactly a marketplace or a job site but rather a community of more than 8 million people who rely on one another to get things done…

“And not just any 8 million people, but leading venture capitalists and entrepreneurs, along with tens of thousands of employees from Google, Microsoft, and other tech giants that use LinkedIn to find the best and brightest workers […]

“The company is phenomenally good at understanding how networking happens offline and how it can be improved online. Most members bring their offline business relationships into the service, and they’re putting a lot of specific information about themselves into the system…”