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ALTERYX pioneered geographic Business Intelligence (BI) with its innovative desktop-to-cloud Agile BI analytics platform that processes millions of records in a matter of hours, not the days or weeks of conventional BI systems.

ANALOGY (now part of Synopsys) developed SaberDesigner software, a mixed-signal, mixed-technology simulator used by manufacturing engineers to model their analog, digital, hydraulic, mechanical and optical subsystems.

FRX (now part of Microsoft) developed financial reporting software for major accounting and ERP systems. The highly visual FRx software offered the automatic creation of complex financial reports, with rollups through multiple reporting hierarchies.

  • Contributed article, an advertorial on visual financial reporting, for users of J.D. Edwards’ ERP software products
  • Press release, a hiring announcement for a new VP of sales

HITACHI Solutions offers a wide range of IT products and services worldwide, including the recent introduction of its successful Credeon line of computer security utilities to the U.S. market

POLYCHIPHER developed a Downloadable Conditional Access System (DCAS) security architecture for the download of security clients to cable-ready devices, in order to safeguard video, audio and other content delivered over cable networks.

SILVER CREEK SYSTEMS (now part of Oracle) developed DataLens software that uses semantic processing to standardize, classify, enrich and localize unstructured product data, for trouble-free use in MDM and PIM systems.

STORAGETEK (acquired by Sun Microsystems and now part of Oracle) manufactured tape- and hard drive-based storage hardware for use by enterprise IT departments.

XVT SOFTWARE developed a popular cross-platform GUI framework for C and C++, allowing software developers to “code once and port many times,” all without needing to know the details of OS-specific interface construction.

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